Profil Peneliti

Nama Lengkap Prof. Ris. Dr. Ir. Anto Rimbawanto, M.Agr. Sc.
Kelompok Peneliti Bioteknologi Hutan
Keahlian Genetika Molekuler
Deskripsi Diri Anto Rimbawanto is a research scientist and has worked for CFBTI since 1994, he completed his PhD (Forest Genetics Science) in 1998, at ANU Australia, and has almost two decades of experience in managing and undertaking all components of Forest Genetics Management procedure, including tree improvement on Forest Plantation Management Plans of some major fast growing tree species, and professional review of these processes.

Rimbawanto 's recent focus has included research on molecular genetics and tree improvement of acacia, eucalyptus, cajuput, teakwood, sandalwood and paraserianthes falcataria collaborating with local and international institutions. He also has an interest in the role and effectiveness of DNA marker as a tool for quality assurance and undertakes reviews for tree improvement and forest plantation management processes, the CFBTI Molecular Genetics Laboratory under his supervision is sorted as one of sophisticated laboratories.

He is currently involved in various government, non-government and international projects including his position as a national expert for ITTO and project leader for particular ACIAR project.

Phone: +62274 895954 ext. 121